The Ultimate Stretcher Penis Device

The Ultimate Stretcher penis device is one of the lowest-priced quality penis extenders but it is also among the most basic… maybe too basic for extended use?

The Pros And Cons Of Ultimate Stretcher Penis Extender

Ultimate Stretcher penis traction extender package

Ultimate Stretcher does not give much information about the product on their website but in principle, it works like any other traditional penis enlargement extender.

Great Price

The Ultimate Stretcher is one of the lowest-priced penis extenders. The only offer one version and it's basic, maybe too basic to work as penis enlargement program?

Does Ultimate Stretcher Work?

Ultimate Stretcher works the same as other penis traction device so it can enlarge both penis length and girth… if you use it as instructed. You need to wear all penis traction devices for extended periods to achieve reasonable penis enhancement.

The problem with too basic penis traction device is the lack of comfort… meaning you are more likely to give up on your penis enlargement regime.


Ultimate Stretcher claims they are not cheap copy despite the low price but lack of information and photos on their website make it difficult to confirm this.

Permenda Ltd. (the same company that owns SizeGenetics) owns Ultimate Stretcher. Permenda Ltd. does not own manufacturing facilities but Ultimate Stretcher is endorsed by the same medical professionals as X4 Labs (so might have same manufacturer?).

No Warranties Or Guarantees

Most of the quality penis extender brands offer manufacturing warranty (from 1 year up to lifetime warranty). As well as some form of money back guarantee, i.e. if you fulfill certain conditions you can have your money back if you don't get results within certain time period.

Ultimate Stretcher offers neither warranty nor guarantees on their penis extender.

Is Ultimate Stretcher Good Penis Enlargement Device?

The bottom line is that the Ultimate Stretcher penis device comes at good price but it lacks the necessary extras to make it comparable to the other quality penis extenders on the market.

Ultimate Stretcher may be too basic for the extended use required for penis enlargement. It may be worth spending a little bit more and have better chance of sticking to your penis enlargement program.

Where To Buy Ultimate Stretcher Penis Device?

You can buy Ultimate Stretcher directly from their Official Website.

Ultimate Stretcher device only