Small Penises

Since the internet, it looks like small penises are everywhere. Fortunately, it seems easy to make even the smallest penises bigger… according to all the penis enlargement products and therapies on offer.

But it is not as straight forward as that.

When Is Small Penis A Problem?

Tape measure

Little penis is strictly speaking not a problem unless it is too small for you to have sexual intercourse. Micro penis is the term used for small penises like that.

Micro penis is erect penis that is less than 2.8 inches or 7 centimetres. This small penis is a medical condition, usually caused by inadequate testosterone in the late stage of male fetal development.

This is relatively rare, estimated to affect around 0.6% of all males.

If you have a micro penis, you should see a doctor to find out what can be done for you. Penile enlargement surgery may be feasible option in the case of micro penis, i.e. where the benefits may outweigh the possible risk of penis surgery.

Therefore, unless you have micro penis, small penis is not a problem… as such.

What If Small Penis Feels Like A Problem

Penis size matters to most men and most men are not satisfied with their penile length. Penis size has been shown to affect men's self-esteem, confidence, and general health.

Professor Kevan Wylie Opens in new window symbol examined the results of an internet-based survey of more than 50,000 men and women. It revealed that 45% of men would like a larger penis, despite 85% of women were satisfied with their partner's penis size.

Penis size may matter much less than most men think or feel but it still matters a lot to lot of men. And if something feels like a problem, then it is a problem… as such.

How To Increase Penis Size?

There are number of ways to make small penises bigger. Some are safer than others are and some are more effective. Some are unsafe, some are ineffective, and some are both unsafe and ineffective.

Penile enlargement surgery is an effective way of making small penises bigger but should only be considered for the most extreme cases (micro penises) due to the high risk involved with any penis surgery.

Penile enlargement surgery is an invasive procedure. Possible side effects of any penis surgery include risk of erectile dysfunction, impotence, loss of elasticity, reduced penile sensation, etc.

Fortunately, there are number of non-surgical penis enlargement treatments. Penis enlargement devices have been shown to increase penile length (studies available) and most specialists therefore recommend them rather than using penis enlargement supplements.

Traction device

I used penis enlargement device to treat my Peyronie's disease and one of the side effects was penis enhancement, both increased penis length and girth.

So I know from personal experience that penis lengthening is achievable by using penis traction device.

As long as you have realistic expectations, penis enhancement is possible but your penis will not lengthen massively but it can lengthen somewhat and it may be all you need and want.

However, the first question is not how to increase penis size. It can be done, but should you do it?

Please Read Before Doing Anything About Small Penises

There are two common misconceptions about penis size:

  • The average penis is shorter than most men think
  • Your penis may be longer than you think

So before deciding doing anything about your penis size please check out these articles:

What Is Normal Penis Size?

How To Measure Penis Size Correctly

Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

If you are still seriously unhappy about your penis size and want to do something about it then make sure you do your homework properly before starting any penis enlargement therapy.

There is lot mismatching information about so you must take everything you read and hear with pinch of salt. Double-check all information, look for confirmations, weigh the pros and cons, and finally yet importantly… take your own decisions (it is your penis and your life after all).

There is always someone willing to take advantage of other people, not least when people are suffering from "private" problem as small penises. Learn how to detect potential scams.

Done? Ready To Continue?

The next article is on overview of the main penis enlargement treatments for small penises, i.e. penile enlargement surgery as well as the non-invasive treatment options. We look at the pros and cons of each option, before going into some of them in more details.