Overview Of Penis Treatments

Overview various penis treatments

There are penis treatments available for most penis health problems, although not all are as effective or safe.

In this section we go through the treatment options available for each penile problem, but where applicable, we go into more details in the following sections.

The purpose of this section is to give you a good overview of the treatment options available to your particular penis health problem.

Not all treatments are equal. Some are more effective than others, some are more invasive, some are less risky, some have more side effects and some may even do more harm than good at the end of the day.

It is therefore important to research your options carefully so you can make an informed decision about the right penile treatment for your penis condition.

Penis treatments can range from oral medication to penis surgery. Men usually start with the least invasive treatment options but if they do not work, then more invasive options may be required.

The least invasive penile treatments include oral medication, topical gels and lotions, most natural remedies, alternative therapies and the use of medical devices.

There are also special exercises that can benefit men with some penile problems, as well as certain lifestyle changes. Psychological treatment can also be greatly beneficial for some men with penis health problems.

Man holding pills in his palm

Injection therapy, when medication is injected directly into the penis, is more invasive but still a valid option for some penis health problems.

There are divided opinions about the efficiency of some of those penis therapy forms, not least the use of alternative therapies and some natural remedies.

Most men are though willing to try most non-invasive treatment options prior to opting for penis surgery.

The most invasive penile treatments are penis surgeries but some are more invasive than others are. Laser surgery, excision, and electrosurgery are small operations, usually performed under local or general anaesthetic and with relative short recovery time (usually 1-3 weeks).

The more invasive surgical options include plication (including the Nesbit procedure), grafting and penile implants.

All surgical procedures involve some level of risk, there can be complications during surgery (anesthesia, bleeding) or post surgery (infections, delayed healing).

Potential side effects from penis surgery are several and some can be serious, like the risk of erectile dysfunction / impotence, penis shortening, loss of elasticity and reduced penile sensation.

Penis surgery is therefore always the last options but sometimes it is the only feasible penile treatment option for your condition. Just make sure you understand the risk involved and the possible side effects.

As importantly, make sure that you have thoroughly explored, and ruled out, the other penis treatments available to your particular penis health problem.