Common Penis Problems

Overview common penis health problems

This section is about the various penis problems men can experience during their lifetime. It is fair to say the penis health issues are many and varied. From erectile problems and ejaculations problems to sexually transmitted diseases, to name just few common penile health issues.

We look at particular penile problems in detail in this section, i.e. the definition, causes, possible impact on your health, if there are any preventions you can take, and if you can do something about it.

The Penis Treatments section then covers the treatment options in more detail, focusing on the pros and cons of each option and the scientific support for its effectiveness for the particular penis health problem.

Penile Health In General

Good penile health is very important, not only for you to enjoy your sex life and reproduce, but also for your overall health. Penis problems can be the first symptoms of various underlying health condition, e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Penis health problems can also affect your relationship. Most men feel strongly about their penis and its' function (or lack of function) can affect their self-esteem and hence their relationships.

The more you are aware of your penile health, the better you can protect the health of your penis. So the more you know about the symptoms and sign of penis health problems, the better for you and your penis.

The first thing to do when you experience any penis problem is to make an appointment with a health professional and get a formal diagnosis and advice about the treatment options available to you.

Some men find it difficult to see health professionals about such an intimate and private part of their body but remember it is nothing personal, they are only doing their job. It is not worth risking your penile health.

The Most Common Penis Health Problems

The most common penile problems include erectile and ejaculation problems. Erectile problems include erectile dysfunction, painful erections, and persistent erections. Ejaculation problems include premature ejaculations as well as painful and delayed ejaculations. Some men also experience the inability to ejaculate at all.

Sexually transmitted diseases are another common men's health problem. Sexually transmitted infections include genital warts, herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, etc.

Other common penis health problems include problems with the foreskin, yeast infections, Peyronie's disease, penis cancer, etc.

When To Seek Professional Advice For Penis Problems

You should seek professional advice as soon as you expect you have any penis health problems. Because the sooner you start treatment, the easier it usually is to deal with penile problems, just like any other health problem.

Signs that you may have penile health problem, and should see a doctor as soon as possible, include:

  • Bruising on your penis
  • Discharge from the penis
  • Burning sensation when you urinate
  • Bleeding when you urinate or ejaculate
  • Wart, bumps, rash on your penis or your genital area
  • Changes in the way you ejaculate
  • Penis pain during erection
  • Any lumps and bumps in the penis
  • Straight penis starting to bend (may be developing Peyronie's disease)

Make a habit of routinely examine your penis. It will help you to identify any penis problems early on and improve your chances of getting them successfully treated.