Penis Health Products

There are many penis health products available, helping you to treat or prevent various penis problems. Some products are only available through doctor prescription, like many medical products.

Other products are available in pharmacies, and even supermarkets or high street shops. Most of those products are also available on-line.

Do Penis Health Products Work?

Various penis health products

Some products are more likely to work than others are and some might not work at all but how can you tell them apart? It is not always easy but the more you know about your particular penis problem, the better position you are in to choose the right treatment and product for your condition.

One of the main purposes of this website is to provide you with the information needed to take an informed decision about your treatment.

I offer product reviews, either based on my personal experience and / or by thoroughly studying the product. I may receive affiliate fee from the product links provided (see My Penis Health Disclaimer) but it does not affect the price you pay or your statutory right with the seller.

Neither does it affect my penis health products recommendations. I only offer products that I believe they may work for a particular penis problem. I always explain why I believe the product may work and for which penis problems. Some products may work for some men but not for others, this is for example the case when dealing with Peyronie's disease (as highlighted in the relevant articles).

Receiving affiliate income allows me to maintain and add to this free website and to keep it up to date with new information.

Penis Enlargement Devices

Basice penis extender

There are number of penis enlargement devices available. There are traditional penis extenders as well as specialized devices to treat certain medical conditions, like Peyronie's disease and micropenis. Penis traction device are also frequently used to minimize penis shrinkage following penis surgery.

Before you read my penis extender product reviews, I recommend reading How To Choose The Right Penile Extender.

Traditional Penis Extender Product Reviews

The following penile traction devices (in alphabetical order) can be used for penis enhancement, i.e. can improve both penis length and penis girth:


Euro Extender


Male Edge


Ultimate Stretcher

X4 Labs

Penis Extenders For Medical Conditions

Penis traction device can also help with some medical conditions. See reviews on our "brother" site,

Andropeyronie (traction device for penile curvature)

The Peyronies Device (traction device for penile curvature)

Phallosan (combination of traction and pump)

Penis Vacuum Pumps

Penis vacuum pumps are first and foremost used to improve erection quality / treat erectile dysfunction.

See reviews on our "brother" site,

Androvacuum (Electric Penis Pump)

Penomet (Penis Pump)

Penis Health Supplements

This is a big minefield. There are many penis health supplements available, some may work and some may be total waste of money.

Always look for scientific support for any claims made... this actually applies to all penis health products you are considering in buying and more importantly using.