What Is Normal Penis Size?

Most men have wondered what the normal penis size is at some point in their life. That is only natural. Obsessing about penis size is a different matter and can be unhealthy, even dangerous.

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Vast majority of men have a penis that falls within the average male penis size range, allowing them to have sexual intercourse and reproduce. That all that matters, right?

Does Penis Size Matter?

Penis size does matter much less than most men think or feel. As long as the penis is long enough for you to have sexual intercourse the size does not matter as such. You can make love and you can father a child (other things being equal).

Penis size though matters to most men and has been shown to affect their self-esteem, confidence, and general health.

"The study, which investigated the link between men's penis size, body image and mental health, found that men who indicated a larger-than-average penis size had higher self esteem, better general health functioning and higher overall body satisfaction than those reporting an average or below-average sized penis" (Victoria University Opens in new window symbol)

Any Woman Can Tell You that sex is not all about the penis size. Yes, some women may prefer longer or wider penises, just like some men may prefer bigger or smaller breast. However most women like and enjoy having sex with men they are attracted to as a person.

“It may come as a surprise to some young men, but most women have very little interest in the size of their penis and that’s been shown in numerous studies over time.” (Professor Kevan Wylie Opens in new window symbol)

Women's vagina has the remarkable ability to adjust to almost any penile length. So it doesn't matter how short or long the penis is, the vagina will take the penis size into account and adjust its size accordingly.

The average vagina is approximately 3 - 4 inches long (7.6 - 10.2 cm) but expands when the woman becomes sexually aroused and when something is introduced into it gradually, allowing the vagina to accommodate most penises.

Important Note To All Women

Never make fun of man's penis size. Most men are very sensitive about this issue and you could cause irrevocable damage to his psychological wellbeing with some careless remarks, even if they may sound innocent to you.

It's All In The Eye Of The Beholder

You do not see your penis in the same way as other people see your penis.

What most men do not realize is that their penis is longer than they see it. Your view of your penis is foreshortened, making your penis look smaller than it actually is.

You see others men penises from different angle, making the comparison in their favor.

Average Penis Length

The average penile length is likely to be less than you think it is. The average penis length varies between studies but the normal penis size is now believed to be shorter than previously thought.

Studies that rely on self-measurements have consistently reported higher average penis length than when scientific measurements are used.

Average Flaccid Penis Length

The flaccid penis size does not reflect the normal penis size of the penis when erect. The sex researcher Alfred Kinsey measured thousands of penises and his analysis showed that shorter flaccid penises tend to gain about twice as much length as longer flaccid penises (The Kinsey Institute Opens in new window symbol).

Nor is there a proven relationship between men's height / body parts and penis size, i.e. bigger men do not necessarily have bigger penises then smaller men.

Temperature affects the size of non-erect penis, but at normal temperature the average flaccid penis is frequently reported between 3.5 – 3.9 inches, or 8.9 - 10 centimeters (Wikipedia Opens in new window symbol).

Longer or shorter flaccid penis can still fall within the normal penis size range. One study concludes that only men with a flaccid penile length of less than 1.57 inches (4 cm) should be considered candidates for surgical penis lengthening (The Journal Of Urology, 1996 Opens in new window symbol).

Average Erect Penis Length

The Kinsey Institute estimates the average erect penis length to be between 5 - 6.5 inches (12.7 – 16.5 cm). This is based on the original Kinsey data from 1948.

Later studies tend to show the average penis length to be less. For example, the previously mentioned study in The Journal Of Urology (1996) showed the average erect penis to be 5.1 inches, or 12.9 centimetres (based on 80 physically normal men).

Kevan R. Wylie and Ian Eardley review 'Penile Size And The ‘Small Penis Syndrome' Opens in new window symbol is based on twelve studies that together measured 11,531 penises. Various methods of measurements were included in the studies.

According to these studies, the average erect penis length is between 5.5 – 6.3 inches, or 14 – 16 centimetres.

Penis can be abnormally short or long, i.e. if the penis size makes sexual intercourse impossible.

LifeStyles condom study of penis sizes
Courtesy of: Wikimedia commons

This graph shows the results form LifeStyles condom manufacturer's study of penis size, displayed in inches. The data is cumulative and listed by percentile, i.e. male with 6 in (15.24 cm) penis is greater in length than 70 percent of those measured.

Micro penis is classified as an erect penis that is less than 2.8 inches or 7 centimetres. Micro penis is usually caused by inadequate testosterone in the late stage of male fetal development. Micro penis is rare, believed to affect only 6 in 1,000 men worldwide, or 0.6% of all males (The Kinsey Institute Opens in new window symbol).

Average Penis Girth

According to Kevan R. Wylie and Ian Eardley review, the average penis girth of flaccid penis is 3.5 – 3.9 inches, or 9 – 10 centimetres.

The average penis girth for an erect penis is 4.7 - 5.1 inches, or 12 – 13 centimetres.

Can You Do Something About Your Penis Size?

The question is not only if you can do something about your penis size, it is also should you do something about your penis size.

There are ways to increase penis size. Some are more effective than others are and some are safer. Some are useless and some are both useless and unsafe.

Penis lengthening surgery should only be considered for the most extreme cases, due to the high risk involved. Penis surgery is an invasive procedure and can cause erectile dysfunction and impotence.

There is also number of non-invasive penis lengthening options, like the use of penis enlargement device and penis enhancement supplements.

But remember, your penis might be longer than you think so make sure you are Measuring The Penis Correctly before undertaking any penis lengthening methods.

Also, bear in mind that your penis size has little to do with how good lover you are. There are other things that are as, or even more, important. Learn how you to become great lover and then your penis is likely to be the perfect size for the job.

However, if you are seriously unhappy about your normal penis size and want to do something about it, you should do your homework properly before starting any penis lengthening therapy.

Not doing so could result in waste of time and money but in worst case could cause a penis injury (which can lead to Peyronie's disease).