Healthy Penis For Life

Healthy penis is something to cherish. There are things you can and should do to keep your penis in good health.

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Cleaning The Penis

Good penis hygiene is very important for your penile health. Cleaning the penis gently once a day with warm water is sufficient to maintain good penile hygiene. If you use soap then choose mild or non-perfumed soap as too much washing with soap can cause skin irritation / soreness.

If you are uncircumcised, it is important to clean under the foreskin to avoid smegma building up. Gently pull the foreskin back and wash underneath it.

Smegma is a natural lubricant that keeps healthy penis glans moist and lubricates the movement of the foreskin.

If smegma is allowed to accumulate and decay in the foreskin cavity, it will become smelly and cheesy looking. It can become breeding ground for bacteria, causing inflammation of the penis glans (balanitis).

Cleaning the penis is though not enough, you need to clean the whole genital area on regular basis, i.e. the penis base, testicles, scrotum and anus.

After cleaning the genital area, dry it properly with clean towel. This will reduce the risk of getting rash or infection.

Penis Examination

Regular penis exam is vital to secure healthy penis. You should establish regular penis examination routine, e.g. on a fixed day every month.

It is best to perform penis exam after having warm bath or shower. It is not enough to check the penis, you should do thorough genital examination on regular basis.

See Specialist If You Notice Any Penis Problem

If you notice anything out of the ordinary during your penis examination or are concerned about anything (no matter how insignificant it may seem) go and see a doctor about it. Better safe than sorry should be your mantra when your penile health is involved.

Your physicians / general practitioner (GP) may be able to sort out some of your penis problems but you might have to see a specialist for some of them, e.g. urologist or endocrinologist (for hormone related disorders).

Avoid Penis Injury

It is important to avoid penis injury as it can result in serious penis health problems. Penis injury is the most likely cause of Peyronie's disease, a wound healing disorder that can result in bent or deformed penis.

These tips can help you reduce the risk of penis injury:

  • Avoid sexual activities that put awkward pressure or strain on your healthy penis
  • Make sure your erection is firm enough before attempting sexual intercourse, i.e. to reduce the risk of the penis buckling
  • Keep your genitals (penis and testes) protected when playing contact sports

Monitor Your Erectile Health

Erection problems can lead to Erectile Dysfunction and impotence. Good erectile health is though not only important for having sex. Healthy penis is also one of the best indicators of man's overall health.

Firm erections indicate good blood circulation status. While poor quality erections can be the first indication of various health problems, like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol level.

Monitoring your erectile health on regular basis is highly recommended by health professionals as it allows you to detect various health problems early on. The sooner you react to any health issue the better.

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Unprotected Sex

You should avoid unprotected sex unless you are in monogamous relationship. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are more common than most people realize and the consequences of getting STD can be serious, even life threatening.

Condoms are not only good contraceptive. Using condoms greatly reduces your risk of getting sexually transmitted disease, including AIDS.

Choose Your Sexual Partners Carefully

Avoiding unprotected sex is not enough, as condoms are not 100% safe protection from getting STD. Your best strategy is to choose your sexual partners carefully as well as avoid unprotected sex.

People that have had many sexual partners, work in the sex industry and / or are addicted to drugs / alcohol tend to be more risky sexual partners than the average person is.

Wear The Right Underwear

There is not full consensus among scientists if tight underwear is bad for sperm quality. More studies though support this view than not, like this one that concludes:

"The present study suggests that wearing tight fitting undertrousers is associated with higher scrotal and consequently testicular temperatures than wearing loose fitting undertrousers or none" (Oxford Journals, 2004 Opens in new window symbol)

Therefore, if you follow the mantra that better safe than sorry, for healthy penis it is best to avoid tight underwear.

Healthy Lifestyle For Healthy Penis

Your lifestyle can affect how healthy you and your penis are. Good balanced diet and regular exercise is good for your overall health and your penis.

Smoking is especially bad for penile health. Clinical observations suggest that cigarette smoking impairs erectile function in patients with moderate arterial insufficiency (J Urol. 1987).

Researchers have also shown that smoking can decrease sexual desire and satisfaction, damage the smooth muscle inside the penis and even affect your penis size. Therefore, if you smoke, then stop smoking might be the best you can do for your penis health.

Take Educated Decisions About Your Penis

During your lifetime, you are likely to have to take decisions about your penis. Make sure all your penis decisions are educated decisions.

If you need to have penis treatment (e.g. penis surgery, Peyronie's treatment, STD treatment, erectile dysfunction treatment) make sure you do your homework carefully before undertaking any treatment.

If you choose to have any optional penile treatment (e.g. penis enlargement therapy, vasectomy, penis exercises, genital piercings, genital tattoo) again make sure you do your homework carefully before starting any treatment.

Penis health problems tend to be sensitive for most men. It makes it easy for some unscrupulous persons to take advantage. Always take everything you read or hear about penile health with a pinch of salt in the beginning. Double check the information, look for confirmations.

Healthy penis is not something you can guarantee for life so look after your penis and he will look after you.