Why Regular Genital Exam For Men?

It is easy for men to do genital exam and it does not take long. It can however save your life, fertility and / or sex life. The sooner you notice any penis problems, the better change you have of getting them successfully treated.

This is why you must learn how to exam your genitals but more importantly do it on regular basis.

Male Genital Self Examination

All men should exam their genitals on regular basis. Make it part of your routine, e.g. by setting fixed day per month for genital self-examination. It is best to perform penis examination after having warm bath or shower.

Men should start genital examination as soon as they reach puberty and continue it throughout their life.

Regular self-examination can literally safe your life. Catching testicular cancer early on improves your changes of recovery.

Male genital examination can also save your fertility as some sexually transmitted diseases can affect your fertility if left untreated (it can also affect your partner's fertility).

Good penis health is also important for the quality of your sex life.

Before you start your penis examination, it is important to know how healthy normal penis is supposed to look like. It is also helpful to be familiar with the symptoms of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

What To Look Out For During Male Genital Exam?

It is quite simple actually. You are looking for anything out of the ordinary. You are looking for things that that are new (like sores, discharge, genital warts) or changed (like swollen testes, the shape of your penis).

You need to exam each area carefully, i.e. perform penis examination and scrutinize the testicles, scrotum, and surrounding area.

Penis Examination

Start by looking your penis over in a mirror. Look for anything visually out of the ordinary. Then examine your penis with your hands. Look if anything feels out of the ordinary.

Man unzipping his trousers

Look for swelling or shrinking. Do you feel any lumps in the penis shaft? Is there any involuntary discharge from the penis tip? Are you happy with the color and smell?

Look under the foreskin if you are uncircumcised. Look over the entire penis head in clockwise motion. Carefully look for any warts, bumps, sores or blisters on the skin.

Move down to the penis base. Separate the pubic hair with your fingers so you can have a good look at the skin underneath. Is it healthy looking? Do you notice any rash?

Your penis examination should ideally include looking at your penis in erect state. Has anything changed? Is the shape of the erect penis the same as usual? Do you feel any pain or lumps?

Testicles Self Examination

Now carefully examine you testicles. Start by visually looking them over in the mirror. Do you notice any swelling or shrinking? Do you notice any change in color or scrotum appearance?

Testicles are usually roughly about the same size (one often slightly bigger) but it is quite common that one hangs lower than the other one.

Hold your scrotum in the palm of your hand and gently feel each testicle with your fingers and thumb. Use your middle and index fingers under the testicle with the thumb on the top.

Just be careful, squeezing the testicles too hard is painful. Do you feel any lumps or bumps in the testes? Do you feel any swelling or soreness?

Finally check the underside of the penis, you may need a mirror for having a proper look. As always, look for anything out of the ordinary.

Testicles should feel smooth (without any lumps or bumps) but firm (not hard). You may be able to feel the soft tube at the back of each testicle (the epididymis).

If you notice any lumps you should immediately see a doctor. Most lumps in testicles are harmless but lump can be a sign of testicular cancer. Better safe than sorry should always be the mantra where penis health is concerned.

Doctors Genital Examination

I know no one that enjoys seeing his doctor for genital examination. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do. And if you find anything out of the ordinary during your penis examination you need to see a doctor for professional opinion.

It is important to bear in mind is that your doctor is just doing his or her job. You are just one of his many patients. Your doctor has seen it all before.

Actually the sooner you go to see your doctor, the less embarrassing it can be. Your symptoms should be easier to treat, meaning fewer visits and fewer examinations.

The doctor will concentrate on the area / symptom you came to see him for, though he might give you full male genital exam.

Physical Exam Erection

Some men are concerned that they may get an erection when having their medical exam. If you do get medical exam erection, don't be embarrassed about it. Your doctor will have seen it all before.

Actually getting physical exam erection is a sign of good erectile health. Medical exam erection is though quite rare as MD Joel Sherman points out:

"Based on my years of practice as a male internist examining primarily adults, the patient's development of an erection during the exam is very, very rare" (Comment, October 1, 2012 Opens in new window symbol)

Most doctors realize when patients are uncomfortable and try to put them at ease and respect their privacy. If you for some reason are not fully satisfied with how your doctor treats you during genital examination, you can and should change your doctor.