Andropenis Enlargement Device

Andropenis enlargement device is high quality medically approved penis enhancement system with well-documented track record (scientific studies).

I used Andropenis to treat penis curvature caused by Peyronie's disease, so in my case the penis enlargement was a nice side effect. I gained both some length and girth by using Andropenis.

Why Choose Andropenis Penis Extender?

There are many reasons why Andropenis is good choice for men looking for non-invasive and safe way to enhance their penises.

Andropenis Works

Andropenis Gold penis extender package

Andromedical, the manufacturer of Andropenis, has worked closely with doctors and specialists in designing their penis products.

There are numbers of scientific studies available that confirm the results you can get by using Andropenis enlargement device. According to them the average penis augmentation by using Andropenis is:

- Increase in erect penile length 3 – 4 centimeters (1.2 – 1.6 inches)

- Increase in flaccid penile length up to 4 centimeters (1.6 inches)

- Increase in penis girth up to 1.5 centimeters (0.6 inch)

- Up to 40% correction in penile curvature

Clinical studies support these claims and there are links to them all on the Andropenis website, i.e. so you can check them for yourself.

Medical doctors have not only been willing to endorse Andropenis as penis enhancement system. Some of the best known Urologists, Researcher and Urological Surgeons on the international scene are in the Advisory Board of Andromedical.

Its members are committed to continuously developing clinical trials and research projects to test the effectiveness and safety of the Andromedical penis augmentation products.

It Is Comfortable To Wear

I know Andropenis enlargement device works, as I used it to treat my Peyronie's disease. I also know it's not uncomfortable to wear it. I was of course aware of wearing it but I quickly got used to it and didn't find it painful or uncomfortable to wear.

Since I used my Andropenis, Andromedical has introduced special Comfort Kit, which you can buy separately with your penis extender. The comfort kit includes some extra comfort components to maximize your comfort.

I managed fine without it but then I had a serious motivation for wearing my penis extender, I was trying to safe my penis from coming deformed (beyond use).

Including the comfort kit in your penis enhancement regimen may increase your chances of sticking to your program. The more comfortable you feel, the more likely you are to use your penis extender… and you can use it for longer.

The more you use your Andropenis penis extender, the better results you will see.

High Quality And Medically Approved Device

Andropenis enlargement device is medically approved device, made from high quality materials, and to the highest manufacturing standards… and you can find link to all the documentations to confirm this on Andropenis website.

Andropenis traction device

Andropenis complies with the European Union Directive 93/42/EEC for health products and has CE Certification that classifies it as Class 1 medical device.

They also have professionals testing their products to ensure quality and continued penis enhancement, confirming Andropenis is effective 97.5% of the time.

Generous Warranties and Guarantees

Andromedical is so confident in Andropenis efficacy that they offer one of the most generous money back guarantee on the market.

If you do not see significant penis enlargement after 2 months of using Andropenis you can return it and get full money back (without shipping costs).

They are also confident about the quality of their product and offer full warranty on the device for the first year, i.e. if it breaks or stops working, Andromedical will replace it at no cost to you.

Extensive Customer Support

Andromedical offers very good customer support. You can call them or e-mail (all contact details on their website) but you can also take advance of their live medical support (in number of languages) if you have any questions or problems with your Andropenis enlargement device.

They also offer Andropenis forum, where you can find wealth of information and advice from fellow users.

Very Compatible Price

The Andropenis enlargement device is very compatible priced. Actually, it is among the cheaper high quality penis extenders on the market.

Andromedical offers different packages of their penis extender, i.e. to fit different budgets and needs.

Are There Any Downsides To Andropenis?

I do not see any obvious downsides with the actual product or how it is marketed. Andromedical is very open in their marketing efforts and include links so you can check everything they claim for yourself, e.g. links to clinical studies and certificates.

Different Packages For Different Needs And Budgets

Andromedical offers three different packages of the Andropenis enlargement device. Androextender is the most basic version and then comes Andropenis Gold (which I used) and finally the top of the range, Andropenis Gold Premium. You can add the Comfort Kit to all the packages.

The table summarizes the difference between the difference packages.

  Andropenis gold premium package Andropenis gold
Device Andropenis® Gold Premium Andropenis® Gold Androextender®
Androcomfort® Band: 2 units Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol
Androtop® for Androcomfort® Band: 2 units Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol
Androring®: 2 units Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol
Instructions CD in 27 languages for computer use Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol
Instructions Booklet in 8 languages Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol
Quick Guide Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol
"100 Sex Tips" free eBook Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol
Androsilicone®: 2 units Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol  
Androtop® for Androsilicone®: 2 units Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol  
Androshafts®: 24 K Gold Yes tick symbol Yes tick symbol  
Premium Kit, includes:      
Androsilicone®: 6 units Yes tick symbol    
Androtop® for Androsilicone®: 6 units Yes tick symbol    
Androring®: 6 units Yes tick symbol    
Extra extensions rods: 4 units Yes tick symbol    
Measurement ruler Yes tick symbol    
Travel bag Yes tick symbol    

Andropenis Gold with Comfort Kit is the best selling of the Andropenis penis extenders.

Where To Buy Andropenis Enlargement Device?

You can buy Andropenis directly from the Andropenis Official Website.

Buy Andropenis today