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My Penis Health is about how to keep your penis as healthy as possible and for as long as possible. The focus is to find what the problem is with your penis, so you can find the right treatment for it.

You will also find wealth of advice about penile health in general, male sexual health and the health benefits of sex.

Penis Health

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This section explores why your penile health matters.

Penis problems may be indication of other health problems and can affect many aspects of your life, e.g. sexual performance, relationships, mental wellbeing and self-esteem.

We cover topics like how does healthy penis look like, including average size and performance. We explore the most common penis myths. Some have absolutely no foundations while all men should be aware of others.

We explore the health benefits of sex and male sexual wellbeing in general.

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Penis Problems

This section looks at the most common penis problems.

Each penile problem is explained in detail. What is the problem (definition), what are the symptoms, what causes the problem, can you do something to prevent developing it or from making it worse and finally can you do something about it, i.e. is there any cure or treatment available.

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Penis Treatments

This section looks at the available penis treatments for the above penis problems.

Each treatment option is thoroughly explored. How does the treatment work, what are the pros and cons, is there any health risk involved, is there any scientific or documented support for the treatment effectiveness and for which men or penis problems is the treatment suitable for.

The purpose is to provide you with the necessary information so you can take an informed decision about the right penis treatment for your penile problem.

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This section looks at products that are used for treating some of the penis problems.

We actually tackle the products in similar manner as the penis treatments. We look at how the product works and explore the pros and cons, as well as any possible health risks. We look for scientific or documented support for the product effectiveness and for which penile problem it is suitable.

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Our articles cover everything else penile health related. You will find varied information and advice about the penis and sex. Like does penis size matter to women, how to measure penis size correctly, how to become better lover, etc.

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The importance of healthy penis should not be underestimated. Penis problems can seriously affect men's self-esteem, sexual confidence, mental health and relationships. Penile problem can also be the indication of other serious health problems.

Always take your penis health seriously and address all penile problems as soon as possible.

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