How To Choose The Right Penile Extender

Various penis extenders and logos

There are so many brands of penile extenders available, all claiming to be the one and only for you. This article helps you decide for yourself by going through what you should have in mind when buying penis enlargement extender.

It also explains why the choice is maybe not as difficult as it may seem at first. This is because the difference between the penis extender brands is not as great as you may think.

The Difference Between The Penis Extender Brands

All penis enlargement extenders work on the same principle, i.e. by applying gentle but consistent traction to the penis. The actual traction devices are therefore similar (if not the same).

There are not many manufactures of medically approved penis enlargement extenders. The actual device may therefore not only look and work similarly… it may be manufactured by the same manufacturer.

The main difference between the different penile extender brands is likely to be in the extras included with the actual penis traction device.

You can usually choice between few versions, i.e. from basic version (traction device only) to deluxe / gold / ultimate / premium versions that include various extras, like comfort kit, spare parts and even penis enlargement supplements and lotions.

Which package to go for is therefore very much up to your preferences, i.e. what do you want to have included. If you are interested in the extra items, then it is usually cheaper to buy package than buying all the items separately.

What To Have In Mind When Buying Penile Extender Device

Even though the difference between the penis extender brands is not as much as it may seem at first, there are still things you should consider before buying your penis enlargement device.


We have already seen that Penis Traction Devices work. They can enhance both penis length and penis girth.

Any man should be able to lengthen his penis by using external penis traction device. It is just how they work. If you apply continuous traction on a tissue, over time it will get longer.


Penile traction devices are classified as non-invasive low risk devices but still you don't want to take any chances. You only have one penis and it is important to you. Only use quality penile extenders, ideally they should be medically approved devices.

Penis extender device only

To evaluate the quality, look at the material used in the actual device and the sturdiness of the structure. This may seem difficult to judge when buying on-line but you should be able to enlarge the photos to have a good look (if you cannot, maybe that tells you something?).

Medically Approved

Many penis extender brands claim their traction device is medically approved but what do they mean by that?

Unfortunately, there is no one universal certificate that gives product the medically approved stamp. Meaning there can be different criteria behind the medically approved claims.

The most commonly used medically approved claims include:

- FDA Approved is the ultimate goal (quality and safety recognition) but to my knowledge there is no FDA approved penile extenders on the market

- FDA Registered is a legal requirement for company in order to be able to produce and distribute medical devices within the US

- European Union (EU) Medical Device Directive means the manufacturer has undertaken responsibility to ensure their products are always manufactured in standardized way

- CE Certified Device but all products sold within the EU and the European Economic Area must have CE labeling, certifying that they confirm with above EU manufacturing standards

- Doctor Approved is when doctor gives his / her approval or recommends certain product, putting his professional reputation on the line

- Scientific Studies are good indication of product effectiveness, though not all studies are of equal quality. But don't take the sellers word for it, look for confirmations, i.e. is there really a study, does it confirm the claims and is it for the relevant product and results

Comfort Kit

The basic versions usually include only the penis traction device, i.e. no extras. If you are serious in using traction device for penis enhancement, you need to be dedicated to your treatment. It means you have to wear the device for hours (6-8 hours) every day for few months to get the results you are looking for.

Getting comfort kit is therefore highly recommended.


Good quality penile extender is low risk device but you still need to follow the instructions carefully. Instruction manual (booklet or DVD) should always be included with your device, even if you go for the most basic version.

Warranties And Guarantees

Most of the penis extender brands offer some form of warranties and guarantees. The warranty covers the equipment itself and usually varies from 1 year to lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

While the guarantees are to encourage the buyer to try the product risk-free by offering money back guarantees, even double refund, if you are not satisfied with the results. However, conditions tend to apply, often making refund not as straightforward as it may sound at first.

Still, the warranties and guarantees do matter when comparing the different penis enlargement extenders. Just make sure you read the small print too.


Reading users reviews can be helpful when deciding which product brand to go for. The problem with on-line reviews are though how trustworthy are they?

Many writing product reviews are writing them because they are promoting the product. There is nothing wrong with that as long as that is clear to the reader (it should be obvious in the website Disclaimer). It is up to the reader to decide if he feels the reviewer is trustworthy or not in his / her approach.

The same applies about anonymous reader comments; they can be "manufactured" up to some extent. Lot of highly positive reviews only might ring some alarms, very few products are 5-stars for everyone.

But do read reviews, they can be very helpful to decide which penile extender to go for. Just read them with your sceptical glasses and common sense hat firmly on.


Finally yet importantly, it's the price. You usually have to pay more for better quality products.

Good quality medically approved extenders should be more expensive than low quality penile extenders but it is not always the case.

The price difference tends to be about what is included in the package, e.g. spare parts, comfort kit, extend of warranties and guarantees and other extras, like penis enlargement supplements, lotions, guides, etc.

Just make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the actual traction device. It is worth paying little bit more for better quality device. The optional extras are then up to your personal preferences, only the comfort kit is kind of must.

Nb. some penis extender brands offer discount codes so when comparing the prices you should deduct the discounted amount.

Quality Penile Extender Brands

The following penis extender brands are all of similar quality and all claim to be medically approved penis traction device. They are all safe (low risk devices) and easy to use. Most come in different versions, including various interesting extras. All come with good instructions and offer various warranties and guarantees.

Penis Enlargement Extenders

The following penile traction devices (in alphabetical order) can be used for penis enhancement, i.e. can improve both penis length and penis girth:


Euro Extender


Male Edge


Ultimate Stretcher

X4 Labs

Penile Extenders For Medical Conditions

Penis traction device can also help with some medical conditions, like:

Andropeyronie (for Peyronie's disease)

Andropenis Mini (for men with micro penis)

I recommend evaluating the different penile extender brands yourself before making your mind up about which one is the right one for you. Just make sure you are comparing like to like, i.e. what is included in the package and the total cost (including shipping, deducting any offer codes).